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Magic Mushrooms

How Effective Is a Magic Mushrooms Trip For Reducing Anxiety?

Have you heard the latest buzz surrounding Best magic mushrooms as a possible mental health remedy? Perhaps you’re curious how they might reduce anxiety and despair. They are known to result in hallucinations and other abnormalities in perception. That would imply that they are more likely to exacerbate anxiety than lessen it, wouldn’t it?

Yes, some people do experience anxiety and paranoia when consuming mushrooms. Mushroom Psilocybin, a hallucinogenic substance found in mushrooms, may offer long-term advantages for lowering anxiety and depression, according to an increasing body of studies. Serotonin, a chemical messenger crucial in mood regulation, and psilocybin are similar. Anxiety and sadness can result from serotonin levels that are low or unbalanced. But because Magic Mushrooms have a serotonergic effect, they may be able to help your body’s serotonin levels return to normal. Continue reading for some crucial safety advice, additional information on the study looking into Mushrooms Magical as a treatment for anxiety, and more.

Analyzing The Micro Dosing Craze

It appears that micro dosing, or taking a small number of psychedelics every few days, is becoming more and more common. Even though the dose size can vary, most users say they only take up to 10% of the recommended dose, sometimes less. Although a small dose would have little impact, micro dosing has this goal in mind.

People frequently consume large quantities of mushrooms to experience the “trip,” which may include hallucinations and other shifts in perception, such as:

  • improved senses
  • increased emotional or cognitive awareness
  • experiences that are meaningful or spiritually relevant

Still, taking a full amount could result in what’s known as a “bad trip.” In addition to unpleasant feelings, a poor mushroom experience may include frightful hallucinations, paranoia, and fear. However, a smaller amount might not have the same effects on perception. In other words, you could reap the advantages of psilocybin without running the danger of adverse effects.

So, Exactly What Are Those Advantages?

Although an impending clinical trial could provide fresh information, most of the existing research on micro dosing concentrates on self-reported use and benefits. Mentioned Improved Productivity and performance as one of the primary justifications for micro dosing by participants in study surveys. Of course, the term “improved performance” is rather broad. Additional advantages include:

  • better mood
  • an increase in creativity
  • enhanced vigour
  • increased focus and attention

Additionally, some use mushroom microdose to alleviate depressive and anxiety symptoms related to their mental health. However, there isn’t a lot of research to back this up, partly because Mushroom Psilocybin is still largely prohibited. While some studies indicate that people eventually discontinue micro dosing because it is ineffective, other data provide some evidence in favor of micro dosing’s potential advantages.

In one 2019 study, experts considered 410 respondents’ online questionnaire responses from different nations. These subjects had histories of mental or physical illness and psychedelic drug use, most frequently Magic Mushrooms. In general, people with anxiety tended to think that microdose of psychedelics were more effective than prescription drugs but less successful than full dosages. People with ADHD reported similar benefits.

The authors of a 2021 study also utilized surveys to evaluate the possible advantages of psychedelic micro dosing. According to the survey results, micro dosing significantly reduced both anxiety and depression. Having stated that, the main objective of this study was to contrast the expected benefits of micro dosing with the actual results. According to scientists, persons who attempt micro dosing with larger expectations might experience a greater increase in well-being. In other words, there may be a significant placebo effect from micro dosing. Although it could be more ineffectual because of this, it is something to think about.

Results from a different 2019 study appear to cast doubt on the notion of a placebo effect. These results imply that many expected advantages of micro dosing psychedelics, such as decreased neuroticism and enhanced creativity, mindfulness, and well-being, did not occur. Participants reported reductions in stress and despair, but researchers discovered that neuroticism—a personality trait associated with anxiety—seemed to rise.

What About “Micro Dosing“?

More and more studies point to the potential therapeutic value of higher doses of mushrooms for managing anxiety. A tiny 2016 study investigating the advantages of psilocybin for reducing symptoms of anxiety and sadness in persons with cancer inspired the current research on mushrooms for mental health. Participants in the study experienced significant enhancements in the:

  • symptoms of mental illness, including depression and anxiety
  • emotions of despair and existential anguish
  • spiritual health
  • lifestyle quality

Following up just over six months later, the researchers discovered that these advantages persisted for up to 80% of participants, many of whom also reported experiencing reduced anxiety about dying. Then, researchers discovered that these advantages were still present when they checked in with several participants more than three years later. Most individuals also stated that taking psilocybin was one of their most memorable experiences.

Since then, several further small studies and self-reported surveys have produced comparable results. In a study of three published in 2020, depression and anxiety in patients with life-threatening conditions like cancer were considered. The doses of psilocybin given to these volunteers ranged from 0.2 to 0.4 milligrams per kilograms of body weight. Psilocybin did appear to help lessen depressive and anxiety symptoms, as well as general well-being and worries of dying, according to reviewers.

Is Trying Safe?

The research currently available does not indicate that psilocybin has any significant dangers. True psilocybin mushrooms, however, are difficult to find because of their legal status. Some people resort to hunting for them in the wild or purchasing them from unreliable vendors. Remember that some Magic Mushrooms are poisonous and that consuming them can result in life-threatening sickness or even death. Although there aren’t any significant health dangers associated with psilocybin mushrooms, there are a few possible side effects to be aware of:

  • migraines or headaches
  • dizziness
  • pupil enlargement
  • nauseous and dizzy
  • heightened perspiration or bodily aches
  • numbness
  • overstimulation
  • muscular tremors and weakness
  • irregular or fast heart rate

alterations in sleep patterns, including both greater fatigue and difficulty sleeping According to the Drug Policy Alliance, experts believe psilocybin mushrooms to be one of the least harmful drugs, and severe physical adverse effects are extremely uncommon. Because they influence serotonin rather than dopamine, they are also unlikely to cause addiction.

Smaller microdose of 2 to 3 gram and micro doses of about 0.5 gram may be less likely to cause adverse side effects. However, there is no assurance that you won’t encounter side effects, as variables other than your dosage may also be at play. These elements could consist of the following:

  • usage of Magic Mushrooms in the past
  • usage of other drugs or alcohol currently
  • The mushroom’s capacity for strength
  • current health issues

Some people endure physical side effects and paranoia or heightened anxiety. In other words, mushrooms might not always be helpful and might perhaps make you feel worse. Because of this, it’s always preferable to collaborate with a therapist who can monitor your mental health symptoms and treatment outcomes when trying mushrooms for anxiety. Even if you believe you no longer require a prescription drug, you should seek expert advice before quitting or modifying the dosage.

Locating a Specialist

While much of the United States still forbids mushrooms and other psychedelics, several cities have decriminalized them. Even further, the state of Oregon has legalized the use of psilocybin for physical and mental health purposes. There are still many restrictions in place, such as that only therapists and other qualified experts are permitted to cultivate mushrooms and extract or make psilocybin, but this is still a significant improvement.

Finding a therapist who uses mushrooms outside of Oregon may be a little more difficult, but you have possibilities. A beneficial first step could be to look through therapist directories for those that provide psilocybin or psychedelic therapy. You can use the MAPS Psychedelic Integration List to locate a local expert who assists with psychedelic experiences.

If You Plan To Attempt It At Home

When experimenting with mushrooms, experts stress the value of consulting a medical or mental health specialist. Not everyone will benefit from mushrooms. A qualified therapist can always provide more information on whether they might lessen or exacerbate your symptoms by interfering with other medications you’re taking. For instance, you should probably steer clear of mushrooms and other psychedelics if you have schizophrenia. A few pointers can make your experience safer and more pleasant if you try them on your own.

Grab a Pal

Don’t tackle this trip alone. Ask a trustworthy buddy, ideally, someone who’s taken mushrooms themselves, to sit with you and offer (sober) support throughout the experience.

Set The Stage

Settle yourself in a pleasant, safe room or outdoor area. It’s generally a good idea to avoid situations with loud sounds, bright or flashing lights, and people arriving and going. Remember to bring along some food and water in case you’re there for a while. Some individuals also find it beneficial to draw or write down any feelings or sensations that come up, so it’s worth taking along some writing materials, too.

Stay Put

The effect of magic mushrooms can last a few hours, occasionally longer. Plan to stay in your safe space until the effects wear off if needed. Also, remember that it can take an hour to experience the results. It’s normally advisable to take it easy and keep it with a low dose, particularly if you haven’t used mushrooms before. Even if you feel alright stepping out, stay on foot. You’ll most definitely want to avoid driving for the period.

Prepare Yourself For The Likelihood of Severe Emotions

Magic Mushrooms can induce emotions of exhilaration, inner calm, and well-being, but they can sometimes provoke less-than-pleasant feelings, too. You can feel angry, terrified, uneasy, or just really overwhelmed. Turning toward such sensations instead of pushing them away could help you receive additional insight into the trip experience and any underlying difficulties you’re struggling with. That’s one solid reason to sit with a trusted journey partner. They can offer calm reassurance, tell you you’re protected and encourage you to talk about your feelings.


The available evidence does appear promising, even though experts have not yet reached any conclusions regarding the advantages of mushrooms for anxiety. Just remember that not everyone will experience success with psilocybin mushrooms. Even if they do work, the results might not last forever. Working with a therapist with Psychedelic Therapy experience who can assist you in exploring your anxiety triggers to find more substantial relief is always the safest option.

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